Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Six months ago, I turned 30.  It was not something I looked to with dread or disgust, nor something I eager and excitedly awaited. If you ask me how it felt, I'd just say weird.  It felt weird.  In that adventurous time known as the twenties, I graduated with my bachelor's degree, married my college sweetheart, began my career, became a mother, and returned to complete a master's degree (which I, technically finished at age thirty).  So much life and growth takes place in your twenties.  You develop who you are and where you are going.  I was extremely sentimental and sad about departing from the comfort of my twenties.  It was truly a sweet time.
Once my sentiment about the end of my twenties began to wane, the realization of my thirties began.  I do not mean to cast it in a negative light, but must point out that it changed my perspective on my life and myself in several ways.  Many of the things I thought or did in my twenties are suddenly gone by the wayside.  All of the sudden, I became cognitively aware of where the fine lines are going to gather in my face.  Goodness!  I do not think I have lots of deep wrinkles or anything crazy like that, but I did finally decide I am too old to just use Dial soap and hand lotion on my face.  That's right, it is time for a real facial moisturizer and gentle soap, milled for the purposes of protecting the gentle skin of the face. 
About four months ago, I had a physical.  I expected to be told I was overweight, but thought everything else would be status-quo.  Within a couple of weeks, I was informed that I had high cholesterol.  Really?  Jeez.  Thirty felt a little young to be dealing with this.  Great, now I have to take cholesterol reducing medicine.  Oh, and by the way dear, what is your exercise routine?  Um... what exercise routine?  Should I admit that?  Crap.  I guess I have to do that now.  In my twenties, I winged it.  Thirty?  Thirty = GET YOUR BUTT UP AND START MOVING.  Ugh.  Not my favorite revelation.  Now, I am getting up thirty minutes early and working that heart rate and toning.  As I become more intrenched in this routine, I feel I truly need to step it up even more.  Additionally, I have had to start watching what I eat more.  The older you get, the slower the metabolism.  Truth, sad, sad, truth.  I am not where I need to be, but I have devised and implemented plans for caloric reduction and saying no in situations where I would have previously said yes.  On occasion, yes, I need a sweet treat.  Do I need cake or cookies every time they may be offered?  Sadly, no.  The nine pounds I have lost since that physical tell me that what I am doing must be done.
Much of my committment to these changes is wrapped up in one word: Claire.  I constantly think about how important parents are in the lives of their children.  I am not just taking care of my self for my own perservation.  I am taking better care of myself to be the mom Claire needs.  Again- becoming a parent changes the way you look at everything in your life.  It is a different world. 
So, thirty.  It's not so bad. I think it is just the kick in the butt I needed.  I sincerely look forward to what my thirties will bring.  Career changes, (at a blessed point in the future) a new sibling for Claire, new academic endeavors.  I hope to be just as sentimental about my departing thirties, someday, as I have been about the end of my twenties.  It is what you make it.  I am going to make it BIG.

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