Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hurry up and wait...

Remember how I said I felt my story was quite condensed when I told it here?  I was not kidding.  I am swirling in a sea of possibilities right now.  Some of them so wonderful- they literally make me giddy.  The problem?  The problem is: I am not a patient person.  I am not alone.  Many others suffer from the same frustrations I do.  Some of these possibilities have been years in the making and may be within a few months of fulfillment.  Am I infuriatingly vague enough?  Sorry.  It will all come together.  I see this blog as an account of the celebrations of Lindsay-ness.  The pieces will make up the bigger picture as we go.  If nothing else, I enjoy writing.

In the meantime, how can I manifest patience?  It's cyclical.  I go through moments where I am busier or content enough.  I tear something up and paint it.  I organize something.  I look for things I can spring clean.  Then.... then what?  Feel like I am going crazy waiting again, have a content moment again, tear up and paint again- lather, rinse, repeat!  Seriously, I am in need of divine assistance here.  I think God is saying this to me:

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