Sunday, April 14, 2013

Free, cheap, and Occasional Splurge Summer

My mind is on summertime.  It's what keeps me sane through the torments of state testing.  That being said, I would really like to keep costs down this summer.  I'd like to repay some of the savings I borrowed during our move and I am facing the need for a newer 'mom ride' (which means a car payment, where I have enjoyed being payment free for 3 years now).  So, I am starting my list.


1) Tulsa County Library's Summer Reading Program- Claire loves reading and this will keep her in the mode as Pretty-K approaches.
2) Riverside Splash Park- zero depth place to splash and keep cool.
3) Kids' activities classes at places like Michael's, Lowes, and Home Depot.
4) Washing the car- Claire loves a chance to squirt me with the hose
5) Porch time- my house has amazing porches!  I am thinking mornings on the front porch and evenings on the screened in porch in back.
6) Figure out the free days at Philbrook and Gilcrease and be cultured!
7) Visit the Guthrie Green and see music.  Claire loooooves to dance
8) Visiting friends' houses- so many lovely friends close by!
9) Visit the Linnaeus Teaching Garden- also allowing Claire to tend to some plants that are hers in our yard.


1) Season passes to Big Splash (which is practically in my backyard).  Initial cost is not cheap, but cost over time and use- a bargain!
2) Tulsa Zoo
3) Cool off at the movies!  We'll be able to take in matinees and Claire is great in movies.  Her dad will really love this option!
4) Have dinner on a patio on Brookside or Cherry Street.
5) Garage sales and flea markets
6) Check out the Cherry Street Farmer's Market
7) Blue Bell Ice Cream's Taste of Summer tour in Broken Arrow
8) Woolaroc Kids' Festival in July
9) Going to the lake
10) Visit the Philcade
11) Enjoy nature at the Oxley Nature Center


1) Trip to Texas to see my Jill and Claire's cousin Mara!  Love, love, love this time- and our trips to IKEA : )

So- what are you doing this summer?  No really, I'm asking!

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