Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random Whimsy- Vol. 1

On prayer...
My daughter goes to a Christian preschool and they may be doing too good of a job on her Christian education.  The other night, Claire asked to say the prayer before dinner and we encouraged her to go ahead.  She started by saying the prayer they say before eating at her school, "God is great, we love him, let us thank him for our food...." and then proceeded to launch into a diatribe about how it was wrong for those soldiers to kill our Jesus and he should have been alive, not killed.  Whoa.  Intense stuff for a four year old.
Claire drew this- she says it's Jesus.4

On intact masculinity...
As a part of Claire's birthday celebration, we took her to Build A Bear with some lovely friends.
Exhibit A:
From L to R: Amykate, Masyn, Claire, Isaac, and Hope 
Photo credit: Misty Tharp

And the mommas- with Mindy Russell

with Misty Tharp

As part of their party package, they ask you to build 6 bears, so you can get the free signature bear (you know, to be signed by a bunch of preschoolers who can barely write their names ; ) ).  We only had five bears to build, so Michael grabbed a ready to make bear and proclaimed, "let's do this thing". 
Exhibit B:
Photo credit: Misty Tharp

 Now, witness what happens when my husband builds a bear.  Apparently, it's German and no one can own it?
Exhibit C:

On cutting my first LP...
If I was a rapper, I swear my name would be A/C Killa (east or west coast affiliation not yet established).  Yet again, I killed the A/C in a car.  It happened first in my Sentra. 
Stock photo- but basically what the Sentra looked like.  It was so cute : )

I loved that car, but we sold it low and sent it on it's way when the cold air failed to blow and the repair cost exceeded the car's value.  Now, it has happened in my Corolla.

Boo. Michael says we can fix it cheaper- may be use used parts?  Sigh.  Did this really just happen again? Oklahoma summers will not permit this.

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