Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How a girl fell in love and never fell out

My home sweet home.

Cherry Street

Blue Dome
When I say "there is no place like home"- I mean "there is no place like home".  I come from a very small, yet tightly bound family.  I have no siblings; I grew up without cousins.  My mom was one of the few, and the strongest constants in my life.  For that reason, I feel I have cleaved to my hometown, as its familiarity and comfort were and are familial to me.

I feel my town resembles me- in parts boisterous and bustling, in parts- quiet.  Quirky and bold, yet refined and varied.  Since returning home, I feel there are so many places to explore- with my family or on my own.  I feel I am constantly coming across places I did not know existed or forgot existed and it is like finding hidden treasure.

It feels like a ghost of me growing up lingers and mingles with the me of today.  I feel more like me that I have in a long time and hope Michael will enjoy the city in his own way as we settle in.

Truthfully, I am an urbanite.  I relish being close to things and to people.  I have to laugh sometimes because I always hear people talking about their dream of "buying some land and building a house"- yet,  as much as I feel that is a beautiful dream, mine has always been the opposite.  I wanted a nice lot in an established neighborhood.  I wanted an older house with character, where I could mix new and interesting with the charm and vintage of the house.  City lights are like glitter and a little noise never hurt me.

Philbrook Garden
Welcome back, Lindsay.  Welcome home.

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