Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Great Eight

It seems like an eternity since we met in 2001 and began dating in 2002.  Sometimes I really wish college Lindsay and college Michael could go out on a date, then magically bean back to our current station.  He told me he didn't want us to get in engaged until I graduated, so he proposed on the day I walked.  I suppose I should give him props for doing so while driving and popping the box open with one hand.  Less than one year later, we were married. We traveled a little, visiting London and New York, before inviting our own little person into the world, just after our fourth wedding anniversary.  I am still saddened that we haven't had a number two yet, but God has a plan for that. 

March 5, 2005
On our seventh anniversary, Claire threw up in my car on our way home.  Our plans changed to staying with her and eating takeout. When we tried to reschedule, I was on a field trip with kids and received a call that Michael was headed for the hospital.  If you want to know what follows puke, it's an appendectomy.  I judiciously decided I did not care to find out what followed puke and appendicitis, so we called our celebration a wash and went on.  Perhaps it was foreshadowing- because year seven proved to be our toughest.  It was layered in best laid plans, some of which came to fruition, some of which did not work out as planned.  If you ever want to know what your marriage is made of- move. It's been a tricky year, but a lot of the most challenging pieces of the puzzle are coming together.  Before us, we have year 8.  I think we've earned it.  It seems crazy to even think that we are at the better part of a decade as we proceed- and that's just of marriage.  We've been together eleven.  Here's to a great year.  Here's to looking back on our eighth year of marriage and calling it 'the great eight'.

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  1. A very nice post! Here's to a great eight!
    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. :) I think blogging is a great way to get to know people, their true selves, you know?
    Also, I love your background design. So cute with the banners and such. :)