Monday, May 28, 2012

She's Crafty

My lapse in posts can be linked directly to the stress of the end of the craziest school year imaginable and a full throttle job search.  (yes, I realize it is usually in bad taste to post that you are seeking a new job, but I just got my Master's and my boss is fully aware of the situation-- after all, he was in my shoes once!)  I could not even begin to express all the emotion, exhaustion, exasperation, etc. that make up this process, just know it's been grueling.

In order to avoid a full-fledged nervous breakdown, I have thrown myself completely into distraction.  It's officially summer break, so I've engaged in creative overflow.  Whatever I can paint, craft, repurpose, organize, or beautify- I will.

My first order of duty was a Craigslist find.  Somehow, I randomly found this mirror:

Love.  I really like the fun lines and whimsical shape.  However, I cannot leave good enough alone, so I put my stamp on it and produced the following result:

This is hanging in the blue bathroom now and I love the pop against the vivid wall color!  This is the second change I've made in my restroom.  This one is following the framed wedding invite:

Voila!  Free art in inexpensive Hobby Lobby frame and matte.  I am very pleased with the results.

Then, there's the laundry room.  I decided the laundry room was looking tired, uninspired, and worn out.  Yes, I know it's just a laundry room, but trust me- a fresh coat of paint was the least of it.  I also busted out the tools and made needed repairs. 

I decided the walls needed a cool shade of gray.  The walls were white, which I believe was probably original to my 1977 house, and dingy.  I am not a fan of white walls.  Even in a well decorated, well planned room, it often seems sterile, cold, unwelcoming to me.  After painting, I decided to incorporate yellow to balance.  Yellow and gray are a fabulous pairing.  Imagine my excitement when I found the following at Hancock Fabric- discounted!

This was perfect and exactly what I hoped to find!  I decided to get pinterest level creative and did the following:

These frames sat in my garage for longer than I can remember, so it felt like I got them for free : )  I chose two of my three fabrics to create custom framed art.  The third fabric has a plan already, which I hope to unveil in a future post.

So, I may be living completely up in the air, not knowing what is to come, but at least I am finding creative and productive means to keep myself occupied!  I am very pleased with the completed projects and hope to have a 'constructive summer' (that phrase is a nod to the husband ; )...)

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