Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ruby Slippers

Indeed, there is no place like home-- not your 'house', but your HOME.  A house is a structure composed of walls and intended for dwelling.  A home is where you feel 'just right'.  I am, most definitely, ready to put on my ruby slippers, recite there's no place like home, and feel 'just right'.  However, this post is not about that.  I think it is no secret that I love houses!  I love uniqueness of structure, quirky details, designs, creativity, and personality used to dress a house and make 'just right'.  I am constantly wanting to tear things up, eliminate clutter, create more functional living spaces and make a house more lovely.  Because of that, I am linking to some home blogs I enjoy reading-- just in case anyone else also enjoys houses.


Young House Love is a love story, a family adventure, and a Do-It-Yourself journey.  Sherry and John are a young couple, parents to Clara-- yes, I like that it is close to my daughter's name, Claire!  They have owned two quaint, cozy homes in Virginia and worked tirelessly to update, personalize, and customize them.  The style is a combination of traditional, modern, and eclectic.  My biggest props to them would have to be: 1) How much they accomplish building and blood, sweat, tears physical work--with a toddler, to boot!  2) Vivid use of color! 

Photo 1: Love the dynamic colors with the crisp white linens.  The room exudes cozy!
Photo 2: The room was originally red brick.  I like red brick, but in this den, the red consumed the space and appeared quite dated.  The soft cream totally opened up the space!  I love/ prefer white woodwork and feel it complements cream because it is analogous and soothing.  The auburn-toned wood floor brings warmth.


Sarah, the blog owner, and I have quite similar taste.  From what I have read, we have some similar personality quirks, as well ; )  I relate to her as well- she's a married mother of a young child. She is an expert at personalizing spaces and describes ideas, projects, and activities in a very approachable manner.  I'd describe her taste as traditional, warm, and practical.

Photo 1: I enjoy the vertical stripes and I am glad they gave me the idea to juxtapose different colors.  I never would have thought to put those colors together.  I am enjoy the floral bedding with it.  Though it is not visible, there is a fireplace in that room!  Meow!

Photo 2: Anyone who know me should realize I am head-over-heels for beadboard.  To realize this love, would be- simply- to step foot in my kitchen!  I also enjoy the butcher block surface on the island, which is from Ikea!  The whole room is clean and has a farmhouse appeal. 


Blog owner, Mandi Gubler, is a ray of sunshine!  There is something completely genuine in her personality- something that makes me feel as though it would be easy to talk to her.  She is also married and a mother.  Her story is touching, but I won't get into that here- you'll have to visit her site for yourself!  Mandy is the project queen!  She constantly has decor ideas and they are always affordable!  She frequents Goodwill and Homegoods (wish there was one close to my house!) and prides herself on turning 'crap' into 'crap-tastic- which is clearly better!'  Her style can be more modern than mine, but I am attracted to her eclecticism and creativity!

Photo 1: This picture inspired me to try my own hand at the frame display.  I wish I'd succeeded!  Hers is much better!  I am a huge fan of painting a piece of furniture a fun and unexpected color.  Exhibit A:
This is my Goodwill telephone table!  It was white and boring.  I added a glass knob because I love glass knobs!  It's like my table is wearing a diamond!

Photo 2:  I love the combination of color, texture, and pattern!  The paisley bed pillows were made from a skirt and I always enjoy repurposing!  I like the soft brass color of the bed- I am not a brass girl, but this is brass done right!

Home sweet home, I am clicking my heels three times!  I want to make a house a home.

Have a wonderful week!

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