Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

It seems silly to call it luck because it is more like being blessed.  Seven years ago tomorrow, I married my college sweetheart.  It's been a wild seven years.  We've been through challenges and successes.  We've experienced tragedies, including the tragic death of my cousin, Tim, on the night of our wedding.  We've bought property, worked grown-up jobs, and made grown-up decisions.  Almost three years ago, we became parents, something we want to do again before too long.  For ten solid years, we've been side by side, seven years as Mr. and Mrs.

What pleases me the most, is finding that we get better with time.  We relate better, we communicate better, we are wiser.  I've realized that my husband is a great source of support, someone who sincerely wants the best for me, celebrates my successes, and feels my defeat if I experience sadness or disappointment.  He's my cheerleader and my friend.  He is witty and intelligent and I admire his conviction and resolve.  I am never bored with him and I am glad to know that I can trust him to amuse me when we are in side by side rocking chairs and have become a burden to our adult children- sorry, Claire!

The most important things I've learned in marriage are:
1) to be comfortable in my own skin- letting go of insecurities, in many areas
2) abandon fear when communicating- you never know until you ask!
3) each marriage is unique and comparison is the enemy!  Who cares how others operate?  Your marriage =  your creation!

What thrills me most, is the opportunities we are seeking right now- for ourselves and our family.  The best is yet to be!

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