Monday, November 25, 2013

What if a miracle happened?

Can a year have a theme? I thought my theme for 2012 was "this is MY year". Seriously: I own this year. I read it on the cover of a magazine and it just spoke to me. That's right, the cover of a publication aimed at selling me cosmetics and handbags instead sold me a sense of renewed ownership in my life.  Hey,  you take these sparks of inspiration where you can find them and frequently, it is not where you may be looking! Anyway,  in retrospect, my developed and shaped my year.  If that makes it self fulfilling prophecy, I'll take it!  ....And perhaps it is okay if the theme of 2013 may have been readjustment- such is life.

For 2014, I feel compelled to embrace a new theme: miracles.  When I was in grad school, we studied  a counseling concept called "miracle question". At the essence of the concept the shaping and development of how the counseled would like their situation(s) to be,  in the event that a miracle occurred and they were granted their ideal outcome.  Undoubtedly, my biggest complaint about this profession is my inability to counsel myself, yet, I found myself saying: what if I asked myself this? How far could I run with it? How could I develop my own goals and see them to fruition? How can I keep the faith,  when I feel like doubting, surrendering, and falling into disillusion. What if, each time I feared stumbling in 2014, I asked myself: what if a miracle happened? ....And then fought with all my strength to believe it could.  What if my faith rose above my fears and I truly lived believing my miracle was on its way?

So, 2014: what if a miracle happened?

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